2013 Macon Speedway Top Ten Track Champions

2013 Macon Speedway Awards Night

Macon Speedway would like to thank all of our 2013 sponsors, drivers, and fans for their support throughout the 2013 racing season. We hope to see you all again next year!

The top ten is determined by adding up the points each driver has accumulated over the 2013 racing season here at Macon Speedway.

The top ten in the Stock Hornet division are:

2013-10-27 16.46.31

Stock Hornets:

10-Dean Holt, Mt. Zion

9-Matthew Reed, Blue Mound

8-Bruce Boliard, Macon

7-Marty Sullivan, Decatur

6-Austin Harbin, Argenta

Tied for 4th

William Deavers, Bloomington and

Steven Stine, Stonington

3-Tharen Reno, Springfield

2-Thad Gee, Bloomington

And the 2013 Macon Speedway Stock Hornet Champion – MIKE MCCHRISTY of Mt. Zion


2013-10-27 16.52.04

Outlaw Hornets:

10-Donnie Justice, Harristown

9- Billy Justice, Mt. Zion

8- Michael Gossett, Decatur

7-Jerad Matherly, Decatur

6- Fred Reed, Jr., Decatur

5-Cook Crawford, Lincoln

4-Vernon Carlow, Springfield

3- Dillon Justice, Harristown

2- Jeremy Reed, Decatur

And the 2013 Macon Speedway Outlaw Hornet Champion – ADAM WEBB from Decatur


2013-10-27 17.01.25

Street Stocks:

10-Mike Pickering, Decatur

9-Michael Pundt, Jr., Decatur

8-Luke Force, Argenta

7-Terry Reed, Decatur

6-Roy Magee II, Springfield

5-Thomas Riech, Springfield

4-Brian Dasenbrock, Decatur

3-Kyle Waters, Oreana

2-Bobby Beiler, Blue Mound

And the 2013 Macon Speedway Street Stock Champion – GENE REED from Blue Mound


2013-10-27 17.09.17


10-Phil Moreland, Assumption

9-Dennis Vandermeersch, Springfield

8-Tom Graham, Stonington

7-Rick Roedel, Shelbyville

6-Tim Bedinger, Taylorville

5-Scott Landers, Taylorville

4-Jeremy Nichols, Shelbyville

3-Mike Pickering, Decatur

2-Nick Macklin, Argenta

And the 2013 Macon Speedway Sportsman Champion – DAVID CRAWLEY, JR. of Decatur


2013-10-27 17.16.54

Billingsley Towing Modified:

10-Nick Macklin, Argenta

9-Randy Huffman, Maroa

8-Eric Hamilton, Macon

7-Alan Crowder, Elwin

6-Tommy Sheppard, Jr., Berlin

5-Joe Strawkas, Buffalo

4-Clark Robertson, Shelbyville

3-Jeff Graham, Stonington

2-Danny Smith, Argenta

And the 2013 Macon Speedway Billingsley Towing Modified Champion – GUY TAYLOR of Springfield


The Midwest Big Ten Series ran in conjunction with Lincoln Speedway and Jacksonville Speedway this year. Lincoln Speedway’s owners are here tonight – Norm and Yvonne Horn along with Jacksonville Speedway’s owner, Ken Dobson. Thank you to all of them for their help with the 2013 Midwest Big Ten Series this year. Macon Speedway would like to thank Hoosier Tire for their help in putting on this special promotion for the Late Model drivers, and we would also like to thank all of our Late Model drivers for showing their support of Macon Speedway during the 2013 season.  In the Midwest Big Ten UMP Late Model Series, the best 8 out of 10 races determined the champion.

2013-10-27 17.21.11

Big Ten UMP Late Model:

The 10th place finisher was: Adam Mefford of Jacksonville

9th place Kenneth Vandorn of New Berlin

8th place Steve Lance, Jr. of Cuba, IL

7th place Ryan Little of Pleasant Plains

6th place Roger Brickler of Springfield

5th place John Beck of Springfield

4th place Greg Kimmons of Pleasant Plains

3rd place Matt Taylor of Springfield

2nd Place Brian Dively of Springfield

and the Midwest Big Ten Series winner for 2013… STEVE SHEPPARD, JR. OF NEW BERLIN


Congratulations to everyone!

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