Dively grabs Midwest Big Ten Series late model victory, climbs back into hunt for title


MACON, Ill. – Brian Dively knows his way around the Macon Speedway fifth-mile oval. The Springfield driver has spent years on the historic track.

So it’s no surprise that Dively charged the front and collected the UMP Midwest Big Ten Series late model feature race on Teacher’s Appreciation Night, sponsored by The Teacher’s Lounge. The win allowed Dively  to climb back into the Big Ten Series points race after three events. Dively stood 14th in the standings after the first two races, because he missed one event, but he will likely be in the thick of things after finishing second in the standings last season.

Dively was just six points behind champ Steve Sheppard Jr. last season. With the title decided by taking a driver’s best eight finishes in the 10-race series, Dively will likely be in the mix.

Jake Little finished second and Ryan Little was third in the Big Ten feature, ahead of John Beck and Greg Kimmons. Cory Daugherty of Blue Mound grabbed the victory in the Billingsley Towing Modifieds. Nick Macklin of Argenta earned the victory in Sportsman.

Kaleb Wood of Sullivan took home the feature win in Street Stocks after a disqualification to Gene Reed.

With both hornet divisions running double features because of an earlier rainout, powerhouse drivers scored a pair of wins. Jeremy Reed of Decatur took both Outlaw Hornets feature victories, and Joseph McChristy (Mt. Zion) grabbed the win in the Stock Hornets.

Macon Speedway also had a historic flyover, with the B-17 flying over the track just after the national anthem.

Next Saturday, the POWRi Lucas Oil Natonal Midget Series returns to the Macon Speedway high banks with a doubleheader on DynaGraphics Night. After rain forced an early end to the program on April 26, the POWRi midgets and micros will double features, including starting lineups set last month.

Macon Speedway results


Big Ten Series late models – 1. Brian Dively (Springfield), 2. Jake Little (Springfield), 3. Ryan Little (Springfield), 4. John Beck (Springfield), 5. Greg Kimmons, 6. Matt Taylor (Springfield), 7. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 8. Roger Brickler (Springfield), 9. Chuck Mitchell (Jacksonville), 10. Joseph Hughes (Springfield), 11. Andrew Barnes.

Billingsley Towing Modifieds-1. Cory Daugherty (Blue Mound), 2. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 3. Dave Crawley, Jr. (Decatur), 4. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 5. Randy Huffman (Maroa), 6. Jeff Ray (Springfield), 7. Jeff Graham (Stonington), 8. Joe Strawkas (Buffalo), 9. Zack Bunning (Decatur), 10. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield), 11. Rick Lowe (Springfield), 12. Danny Smith (Argenta), 13. Eric Hamilton (Macon).

Sportsman-1. Nick Macklin (Argenta), 2. Doug Nevill (Dawson), 3. Jeremy Nichols (Shelbyville), 4. Tim Bedinger (Taylorville), 5. Nick Justice (Harristown), 6. Scott Landers (Taylorville), 7. Tom Graham (Stonington).

Outlaw Hornets-1. Jeremy Reed (Decatur), 2. Brandon Buatte (Mulberry Grove), 3. John Bright, Jr. (Decatur), 4. Cook Crawford (Lincoln), 5. Tharen Reno (Springfield), 6. Steven Stine (Stonington), 7. Michael Gossett (Decatur), 8. Tom Eskew, 9. Fred Schoondyke (Divernon), 10. Victor Overlin, 11. Victor Overlin, Jr., 12. Thad Gee (Bloomington), 13. Dillon Justice (Harristown).

Stock Hornets-1. Joseph McChristy (Mt. Zion), 2. Dean Holt (Mt. Zion), 3. Marty Sullivan (Decatur), 4. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 5. Brian Offer (Springfield), 6. William Deavers (Bloomington), 7. Fred Reed, Sr. (Decatur), 8. Pat Arthur, 9. Michelle Vought, 10. Benjamin McChristy (Mt. Zion).

Street Stocks-1. Kaleb Wood (Sullivan), 2. Kyle Waters (Oreana), 3. Terry Reed (Decatur), 4. Bobby Beiler (Blue Mound), 5. Thomas Reich (Springfield), 6. Zach Perryman (Decatur), 7. Luke Force (Argenta), 8. Roy Magee II (Springfield), 9. Ronnie Burns (Decatur), 10. Josh Smith (Clinton), 11. Jeremiah Hoadley , 12. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 13. Dave Foster (Lovington), 14. Brandon Dick (Decatur), 15. Danny Smith (Argenta), 16. Dakota Ewing, 17. Dustin Reed (Decatur), 18. Gene Reed (Blue Mound).

Outlaw Hornets-1. Jeremy Reed (Decatur), 2. Michael Gossett (Decatur), 3. John Bright, Jr. (Decatur), 4. Cook Crawford (Lincoln), 5. Steven Stine (Stonington), 6. Tom Eskew 7. Thad Gee (Bloomington), 8. Dillon Justice (Harristown), 9. Tharen Reno (Springfield), 10. Fred Schoondyke (Divernon), 11. Victor Overlin, 12. Vernon Carlow (Springfield)

Stock Hornets-1. Joseph McChristy (Mt. Zion), 2. Brian Offer (Springfield), 3. Kenneth Reed (Decatur), 4. Roger Reed (Decatur), 5. William Deavers (Bloomington), 6. Marty Sullivan (Decatur), 7. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 8. Dean Holt (Mt. Zion), 9. John Paceley (Decatur), 10. Michelle Vought (Decatur), 11. Benjamin McChristy (Mt. Zion).



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