Crawley takes amazing battle with Taylor for Chuck Foley Memorial Ansar 50 title Saturday


MACON  — Dave Crawley, Jr. outlasted Guy Taylor to the finish after literally swapping the lead for the entire race., and Crawley went home with the $1,000 prize in the Chuck Foley Memorial Ansar Shrine 50 for Billingsley Towing Modifieds at Macon Speedway Saturday.

Cory Daugherty was the fastest qualifier and pole sitter. He led the first lap. By lap two, Taylor had the lead which lasted until the seventh lap. Crawley took his first lead for only a lap before Taylor owned the next two and Crawley bounced back for a lap’s lead. Taylor looked to be in position to win after a miscue by Crawley on lap 43 as Taylor dashed to the lead on lap 44. But Crawley’s daring skills put him in front with a top side pass to which he held on to edge Taylor in one of the most back-and-forth races in recent memory.

Greg Osman of Macon dominated a 20-lap Big Ten Series Street Stocks race which was part of the 10-race Big Ten Series and blew away the competition. Tom Reich netted a second place finish while Terry Reed scored third.

Benjamin McChristy crossed the finish line ahead of Marty Sullivan to win in the Stock Hornet class while Adam Webb bypassed Michael Gossett to win the Outlaw Hornet feature.

Dennis Sterling won the demolition derby while Robert Sterling of Dawso was second and Anthony Banks of Jacksonville third.


Billingsley Towing Modifieds –1. Dave Crawley, Jr. (Decatur), 2. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 3. Jeremy Nichols (Shelbyville), 4. Clark Robertson (Shelbyville), 5. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield), 6. Matt Goulden (Springfield), 7. Alan Crowder (Elwin), 8. Zack Bunning (Decatur), 9. Dakota Ewing (Decatur), 10. Randy Spaugh (Decatur), 11. Cory Daugherty (Blue Mound), 12. Thomas Reich (Springfield), 13. Joe Strawkas (Buffalo), 14. Terry Reed (Decatur), 15. Rick Lowe (Springfield), 16. Jeffrey Wallace (Decatur), 17. Jeff Gill (Decatur), 18. Bruce Boliard (Macon)

Big Ten Street Stocks – 1.Greg Osman (Macon),  2. Thomas Reich (Springfield), 3. Terry Reed (Decatur), 4. Gene Reed (Blue Mound), 5. Kyle Waters (Oreana), 6. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 7. Larry Russell, Jr. (Harristown), 8. Luke Force (Argenta), 9. Roy MaGee II (Springfield), 10. Jeremiah Hoadley (Forsyth), 11. Jason Scrimpsher (Decatur), 12. Billy Justice, Jr. (Harristown), 13. Ronnie Burns (Cerro Gordo), 14. Bobby Beiler (Blue Mound), 15. Greg Scribner (Bethany), 16. Nick Justice (Harristown), 17. Brandon Dick (Decatur), 18. Terry Miller (Lincoln)

Outlaw Hornets – 1. Adam Webb (Decatur), 2. Michael Gossett (Decatur), 3. Victor Overlin (Decatur), 4. Dillon Justice (Harristown), 5. John Bright, Jr. (Decatur), 6. Vernon Carlow (Springfield), 7. Joe McChristy (Mt. Zion), 8. Tharen Reno (Springfield), 9. Jerad Matherly (Decatur), 10. Thad Gee (Bloomington), 11. Steven Stine (Blue Mound)

Stock Hornets – 1. Benjamin McChristy (Mt. Zion), 2. Marty Sullivan (Mt. Zion), 3. Jonathan Drake (Decatur), 4. Luke Wright (Lincoln), 5. William Deavers (Bloomington), 6. Brian Offer (Springfield), 7. Austin Wickline, 8. Tory Lyons (Mt. Pulaski), 9. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 10. Matthew Reed (Blue Mound), 11. Roger Reed (Decatur), 12. Kenneth Reed (Decatur), 13. Dean Holt (Decatur), 14. Garth Luka

Demo Derby – Dennis Sterling (Dawson), Robert Sterling (Dawson), Anthony Banks (Jacksonville)


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