Tight Big Ten battle rewards consistency with top 8 finishes counting toward final standings

MACON, Ill. – The Big Ten Series Street Stocks title comes down to the final race in a two-man battle at the front of the pack, and Griz FM presents the Big Ten Street Stocks Championship with Terry Reed and Bobby Beiler fighting for the big money at legendary Macon Speedway Saturday.

Reed has 496 points overall, but a driver’s points in eight of the 10 races are compiled to determine his final ranking in the series. If Reed drops his worst two points nights (a pair of 36-point nights while racing in Lincoln and Jacksonville), he enters with 496 points. Of course, Reed needs a good finish to ensure he can avoid another bad points night, like the rest of the drivers headed to the famed fifth-mile hig banked oval.

The championship driver takes home $1,000 from the season-long points fund, and the Big Ten Street Stocks feature pays $500 Saturday night at Macon Speedway. With a Dash for Cash and qualifying for the Street Stocks, it’s a special night for the dirt stock cars at Macon Speedway.

Here’s how the point total lines up with a driver’s total points plus his two worst points nights. The points fund pays through the top 10.

1. Terry Reed 496 (36-36)

2. Bobby Beiler 476 (48-34)

3. Kyle Waters 416 (36-36)

4. Thomas Riech 352 (0-0)

5. Gene Reed 338 (0-0)

6. Greg Osman 306 (0-0)

7. Brian Dasenbrock 264 (0-0)

8. Roy Magee 262 (0-0)

9. Luke Force 246 (0-0)

10. Steve Ewing 244 (0-0)

11. Bobby Eskew 198 (0-0)

12. Jeremiah Hoadley 196 (0-0)

13. Ronnie Burns 190 (0-0)


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