Champion Terry Reed sits atop tight Midwest Big Ten Street Stocks final points standings


MACON, Ill. – Terry Reed, of Decatur, celebrated the final Big Ten Street Stocks night with a win that clinched the championship and the $1,000 prize that goes to the driver who compiled the most points among eight finishes in the exciting 10-race series that competed at four different tracks this summer.

While the street stocks division became one of the most competitive and thrilling classes during the 2014 season, promoters are already putting together next season’s schedule. So drivers will want to clear their calendars to prepare for next season’s run to the title.

Bobby Beiler, of Blue Mound, led for a portion of the season and took the title hunt to the final race of the season before ending up in second place, followed by Thomas Riech, of Springfield, in third and Kyle Waters, of Oreana, in fourth. Gene Reed, of Blue Mound, tied for fifth with Macon’s Greg Osman, who overcame mechanical issues early in the season to climb the standings.

The $3,000 points fund pays out through the top 10. A complete listing of points can be found at The top 15 drivers are listed below with point totals after compiling the best eight finishes among the 10 races.

1. Terry Reed 464

2. Bobby Beiler 444

3. Thomas Riech 396

4. Kyle Waters 382

5. (tie) Gene Reed 364

Greg Osman 364

7. Brian Dasenbrock 316

8. Luke Force 312

9. Roy Magee 302

10. (tie) Bobby Eskew 244

Steve Ewing 244

12. Ronnie Burns 226

13. Jeremiah Hoadley 224

14. Nick Justice 144

15. Zach Perryman 138




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