Exciting Opening Night Complete At Macon Speedway

The start-of the 2015 racing season at Macon Speedway featured top notch racing with side-by-side action and furious finishes.

The first feature of the season saw Timmy Dick hold off Jeremy Nichols for the 15-lap victory. Nichols tried everything from lane switches to slide jobs but could not get or hold the lead as the crowd went into a frenzy.

Defending Street Stock champion Bobby Beiler picked up where he left off as he made short work of the 20-lap feature and first event in the Big Ten Street Stock Series. The battle was for second as Terry Reed and Nick Justice beat and banged and on the backstretch of the final lap, Justice lost a wheel and spun into the infield, unable to finish.

The broom was out in the Pro Late Model division as Tommy Sheppard, Jr. won the dash, heat and feature race. Matt Taylor was the overall fast qualifier and finished second to Sheppard in each race.

In the Billingsley Towing Modified division, TD Burger drove from an hour south of Chicago to race and win at historic Macon Speedway, and that is exactly what he did. Not even Macon Speedway co-owner and NASCAR star Ken Schrader could stop him. Burger was quick on the high groove and kept the lead despite Schrader and Rodney Standerfer coming from the bottom.

A big group of 4-cylinder Hornets competed for the checkered flag but nobody was as fast as former National Champion Adam Webb. Webb cruised to the victory circle and got his 2015 started off right at Macon Speedway.

Big shows finish off April at Macon Speedway as the POWRi Midgets and The Beach House Micro Sprints headline the program next Saturday, along with the Billingsley Towing Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hornets. A special Thursday night show ends April with the St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part 100, a 100-lap extravaganza for the Lucas Oil Late Model Series.

Results For Macon Speedway

Billingsley Towing UMP Modifieds
Feature – 1)TD Burger-Saunemin, IL 2)Ken Schrader-Fenton, MO 3)Rodney Standerfer-Germantown, IL 4)Rick Hamilton-Decatur, IL 5)Zach Rhodes-Taylorville, IL 6)Jeff Graham-Stonington, IL 7)Thomas Riech-Springfield, IL 8)Clark Robertson-Shelbyville, IL 9)Randy Spaugh-Decatur, IL 10)Joe Strawkas-Buffalo, IL DNS)Nick Macklin-Argenta, IL DNS)Zach Bunning-Decatur, IL

UMP Pro Late Models
Feature – 1) Tommy Sheppard, Jr.-Berlin, IL 2)Matt Taylor-Springfield, IL 3)Bobby Beiler-Blue Mound, IL 4)Braden Johnson-Stonington, IL 5)Kevin Crowder-Argenta, IL 6)Victor Overlin-Decatur, IL

Big Ten Series UMP Street Stocks
Feature – 1)Bobby Beiler-Blue Mound, IL 2)Terry Reed-Decatur, IL 3)Brian Dasebrock-Decatur, IL 4)Greg Osman-Macon, IL 5)Thomas Riech-Springfield, IL 6)Kyle Waters-Oreana, IL 7)Luke Force-Argenta, IL 8)Ben Medaris-Decatur, IL 9)Nick Justice-Harristown, IL 10)Jeffery Reed, Jr.-Blue Mound, IL 11)Toby Kreher-Lovington, IL 12)Brandon Dick-Decatur, IL 13)Tharen Reno-Springfield, IL 14)Jason Scrimpsher-Decatur, IL 15)Ronnie Burns-Cerro Gordo, IL 16)Dillon Justice-Harristown, IL

UMP Sportsman
Feature – 1)Timmy Dick-Monticello, IL 2)Jeremy Nichols-Shelbyville, IL 3)Doug Nevill-Springfield, IL 4)Danny Smith-Argenta, IL 5)Tom Graham-Stonington, IL 6)Tim Bedinger-Taylorville, IL 7)Ty Nation-Taylorville, IL 8)Tyler Blankenship-Vandalia, IL 9)Phil Moreland-Assumption, IL

UMP Hornets
Feature – 1)Adam Webb-Decatur, IL 2)Thad Gee-Bloomington, IL 3)John Bright, Jr.-Decatur, IL 4)Garrett Lewis-Decatur, IL 5)Steven Stine-Stonington, IL 6)Austin Wickline-Harristown, IL 7)Michael Gossett-Decatur, IL 8)Matthew Reed-Blue Mound, IL 9)Matt Boggs-Unknown, IL 10)Matthew Cottrill-Riverton, IL 11)Gary Tooker-Mahomet, IL 12)Mike McChristy-Mt. Zion, IL 13)Terry Myers-Springfield, IL 14)John Lewis-Decatur, IL 15)Brandon Buatte-Mulberry Grove, IL 16)Ben McChristy-Mt. Zion, IL 17)Marty Sullivan-Decatur, IL


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