Large Crowd Watches Exciting Night At Macon

(Macon, IL)–A full field of Pro Late Models dazzled a full crowd on a night with the Dodge monster truck Raminator demolished and destroyed three cars in the infield of the 70-year-old historic dirt track.

Guy Taylor of Springfield led all 20 laps of the Pro Late Model feature and won for the first time this season. Taylor dashed away from the crowd of cars and won easily ahead of Tommy Sheppard, Jr., Bobby Beiler, Dick Taylor and Matt Beadles.

Dave Crawley, Jr. and Cory Daughtery put on an amazing display of racing during the Billingsley Towing Modifieds feature event. Daugherty went for a slide job, a racing maneuver regularly used in open-wheel Midgets cars,  but was not able to hold it as Crawley pushed back in front and held on for the checkered flag. Cullen Breeden had a strong racing program and finished third. Curt Rhodes and Jeff Ray rounded out the top five.

Bobby Beiler was the quickest Street Stock of the feature race, grooving on the bottom side. The race was for second place as Terry Reed ousted Greg Osman for second. Kyle Waters and Tom Reich finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Macon Speedway hosted a race with the Illinois Lightning Sprint Series and Andy Baugh scored his first Macon Speedway feature win. He was very fast on the high side and was very comfortable close to the concrete wall. Jed Ross was scored second but finished car lengths behind.

Adam Webb, former National Hornet Champion, won in the 4-cylinder Hornet division. Jeremy Reed, a racing buddy of Webb, scored second in the race.

Macon Speedway will host a special Memorial Day racing event Monday beginning at 6pm with the Big Ten Series event for the Pro Late Models. Billingsley Towing Modifieds, Street Stocks, Beach House Mini Sprints and B-Mods are all part of the program. Macon Speedway co-owners Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace will be on hand to race in the Billingsley Towing Modifieds and will sign autographs in the pits following the races.

Pro Late Models–1. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 2. Tommy Sheppard, Jr. (New Berlin), 3. Bobby Beiler (Blue Mound), 4. Dick Taylor (Springfield), 5. Matt Beadles (Clinton), 6. George Ewing (Decatur), 7. Dakota Ewing (Decatur), 8. Braden Johnson (Moweaqua), 9. Roben Huffman (Midland City), 10. Kevin Crowder (Argenta)

Billingsley Towing Modifieds–1. David Crawley, Jr. (Decatur), 2. Cory Daugherty (Blue Mound), 3. Cullen Breeden, 4. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 5. Jeff Ray (Springfield), 6. Clark Robertson (Shelbyville), 7. Jeff Graham (Taylorville), 8. Rodney Standerfer (Germantown), 9. Rick Hamilton (Decatur), 10. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield)

Street Stocks–1. Bobby Beiler (Blue Mound), 2. Terry Reed (Decatur), 3. Greg Osman (Macon), 4. Kyle Waters (Oreana), 5. Jason Schrimpsher (Decatur), 6. Terry Reed, Sr. (Decatur), 7. Jeffrey Reed, Jr. (Blue Mound), 8. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 9. Toby Kreher (Decatur), 10. Josh Bourland

Illinois Lightning Sprint Series–1. Andy Baugh, 2. Jed Ross, 3. Austin Archdale, 4. Robbie McQuin, 5. Brandon Smith, 6. Dave Baugh, 7. Andrew Funk, 8. Jerry Petty, 9. Brad Funk, 10. Shane Morgan

Hornets–1. Adam Webb (Decatur), 2. Jeremy Reed (Decatur), 3. John Bright, Jr. (Decatur), 4. Steven Stine (Blue Mound), 5. Marty Sullivan (Decatur), 6. Michael Gossett (Decatur), 7. Matt Boggs, 8. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 9. Roger Reed (Decatur), 10. Karlie Soloman

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