KERBYSTRONG 100 Coming To Macon Speedway Saturday Huge Event Honors Former Racer Kerby Damery

late model win with boys             Macon Speedway is known for keeping the schedule fresh with plenty of big events and not too many are bigger than the one scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 1.  The KERBYSTRONG 100 is on tap, with specials for the Big Ten Super Late Models, Billingsley Towing Modifieds, and Sportsman.  The event is held in honor of the late, Kerby Damery, a former racer at the 1/5-mile speedplant.

Damery was born and raised in Macon, IL and started racing at the age of 21.  In 1990, Damery won the Sportsman championship at Macon Speedway.  Later in his career, Damery moved into the Late Model division, where he won the 2004 championship.  Numerous other feature victories and accolades came throughout his illustrious career.

Unfortunately in 2007, Damery was diagnosed with Stage IV Appendix Cancer.  Damery lived life to its fullest up until his death in February of this year at the age of 49.  In his memory, his family has created this race night to raise funds to provide immediate assistance to qualified patients with cancer who need support while undergoing cancer treatments.  Numerous sponsors have stepped forward to help with the huge event and proceeds will benefit local cancer patients.

Saturday’s event, known as the KERBYSTRONG 100, will feature special events and extra pay in the Midwest Big Ten Super Late Models, Billingsley Towing UMP Modifieds, and UMP Sportsman.  The Super Late Model event will run 50 laps for $2,000 to win, the Modifieds will go 25 laps for $700, and the Sportsman will race for $600 in their 25 lap event.  Street Stocks, Hornets, and the Beach House Micros will also compete.

Pit gates will open at 4:00, general admission gates at 5:00, hotlaps will begin at 6:00 when the pill draw ends, and racing action will begin at 7:00.  Admission prices are $15 for adults and free for children 11 and under.

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Midwest Big Ten Super Late Models (Top 10)
Brian Dively-Springfield, IL 210 2)Chuck Mitchell-Jacksonville, IL 174 3)Ryan Little-Springfield, IL 150 4)Greg Kimmins-Pleasant Plains, IL 126 5)Jake Little-Springfield, IL 100 6)Mark Burgtorf-Quincy, IL 96 7)Daryn Klein-Collinsville, IL 94 8)Danny Smith-Argenta, IL 92 9)Jim Moon-Zionsville, IN 88 10)Lance Johnson- Kenney, IL 86

Billingsley Towing UMP Modifieds (Top 10)
Rodney Standerfer-Germantown, IL 626 2)Jeff Graham-Stonington, IL 566 3) Curt Rhodes-Decatur, IL 514 4)Clark Robertson-Shelbyville, IL 490 5)Joe Strawkas-Buffalo, IL 394 5)TD Burger-Saunemin, IL 394 7)Randy Spaugh-Decatur, IL 374 8) Tim Luttrell- Riverton, IL 310 9)Rick Hamilton-Decatur, IL 304 10) David Crawley, Jr.-Decatur, IL 288

UMP Sportsman (Top 10)
1) Jeremy Nichols-Shelbyville, IL 176 2)Timmy Dick-Monticello, IL 170 3)Tim Bedinger-Taylorville, IL 160 4)Tom Graham-Stonington, IL 152 5)Phil Moreland-Assumption, IL 148 6)Danny Smith-Argenta, IL 112 7)Tyler Blankenship-Vandalia, IL  8) Ty Nation-Taylorville, IL 94 9)Dennis Vandermeersch-Springfield, IL 56 9)Doug Nevill-Springfield, IL 56

UMP Street Stocks (Top 10)
1)Terry Reed-Decatur, Il 628 2)Kyle Waters-Oreana, IL 578 3)Brian Dasenbrock-Decatur, IL 558 4)Greg Osman-Macon, IL 522 5)Jason Scrimpsher-Decatur, IL 506 6)Jeffery Reed, Jr.-Blue Mound, IL 466 7) Bobby Beiler-Blue Mound, IL 398 8)Tharen Reno-Springfield, IL 396 9)Terry Reed, Sr.-Decatur, IL 336 10)Nick Justice-Harristown, IL 318

UMP Hornets (Top 10)
1)Adam Webb-Decatur, IL 518 1)John Bright, Jr.-Decatur, IL 518 3)Thad Gee-Bloomington, IL 452 4)Steven Stine-Stonington, IL 442 5) Matthew Reed-Blue Mound, IL 394Michael 6) Gossett-Decatur, IL 376  7)Cook Crawford-Lincoln, IL 374 8)Marty Sullivan-Decatur, IL 312 9)Austin Wickline-Harristown, IL 306 10)Jeremy Reed-Decatur, IL 292

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