Hickory Point Mall Car Show Rules & Regulations



  1. Please be advised that NO VEHICLE will enter the mall until all the following rules and requirements are satisfied.


  1. ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE USE OF ARMORALL OR SIMILAR PRODUCTS BE PERMITTED IN OR ON MALL PROPERTY.(Any violators shall be responsible for any injuries and/or claims and all expense incurred by the mall to remove the product from the mall).


  1. All vehicles must have pads under the tires and plastic under the engine, transmission, and rear ends. Pads are provided by Hickory Point Mall.


  1. All vehicles will be positioned in the mall per Track Enterprises discretion. All local and state fire codes will be enforced.


  1. All Race cars will be pushed into and out of the mall. No firing of engine allowed.


  1. Batteries shall be disconnected immediately after placement, fuel tanks will be no more than ¼ full and the fuel caps will be taped to eliminate easy removal.  (No fuel shall be removed from fuel tanks in or on mall property).


  1. All display/vehicle signage will be professionally produced and sign heights will not exceed 6 feet.


  1. The use of carpets or other decorative floor covering will not extend out past the physical dimension of the vehicle.


  1. ABSOLUTELY NO TAPE, ADHESIVE OR MECHANICAL FASTENERS shall be used to secure objects to the mall floor.


  1. The use of crowd control railings or stanchions will be at the discretion of the owner.  Only railings or stanchions designed for this use will be permitted.  The final decision on design approval and placing rests with the Mall Management.


  1. Violations of any or all of the above will result in legal action for the collection of damages resulting from the violation.

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