Feger Takes Kerbystrong 100 At Macon Speedway 

(Macon, IL) Jason Feger of Bloomington cashed in on the high side of Macon Speedway and the “Highside Hustler” grabbed the checkered flag and the $2,000-to-win paycheck. For Feger, it would be his second biggest win at Macon Speedway behind the 60th Anniversary, 60-lap, $6,000-to-win race he scored in 2005. The race did not look to be his to win as Macon Speedway regular Guy Taylor, who was driving his brother Matt Taylor’s super late model with Kerby Damery’s quarterpanel #10 on the side panel. Taylor took the lead on the 39th lap of the 50-lap race and then Feger got his car hooked back up to the top side and took the point for the final six laps.

Tim Hancock is as hot as a July summer night in central Illinois. His run through the B-Modified class has been historic with nine checkered flags in all nine weeks of racing. Announced a week ago, a bounty would be issued to any B-Mod driver who can top Hancock would be paid $50 per week and with a $50 increment going up every racing week for the division. The second place finisher Cody Stillwell was fairly close to the winner but not close enough to pose a serious threat to the winning streak.

Jeremy Nichols continues his great stretch of racing in the Sportsman class. Last week, Nichols collected the big payday with the Topless 40 and in the 25-lap Kerbystrong event, he took advantage of a mistake by leader Dennis Vandermeersch midway through the race and took the lead as Vandermeersch smacked the front stretch wall. Nichols made it an academic finish with his strong finish. Vandermeersch placed second.

Nichols was totally exhausted at the end of the night as he participated in three straight features, the Sportsman, Street Stocks and Billingsley Towing Modifieds. He would finish the night with three straight top-five finishes and 65 green flag laps raced.

Nick Justice would once again claim victory in the Street Stock class and add to his lead in the season points standings.

Rodney Standerfer got a full head-a-steam on the bottom of the track and ended up winning the Billingsley Towing Modified feature event. Curt Rhodes led the opening 10 laps but on a restart Standerfer cut underneath Rhodes and grabbed hold of the lead and the checkered flag.

Macon Speedway takes a few days off before returning with a monster show on Tuesday the 26th with the Lucas Oil Late Model Series appearance and the 3rd Annual St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part 100, a 100-lap race with $12,000-to-win for the Late Models. The Billingsley Towing Modifieds and B-Modifieds are also on the race schedule.

Super Late Models–1. Jason Feger (Bloomington), 2. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 3. Brian Diveley (Springfield), 4. Daryn Klein (Fairview Heights), 5. Matt Taylor (Springfield), 6. Chuck Mitchell (Jacksonville), 7. Justin Reed (Camp Point), 8. Greg Kimmons (Pleasant Plains), 9. Jason Zobrist (Highland), 10. Andrew Barnes (Assumption)

B-Modifieds–1. Tim Hancock (Mt. Olive), 2. Cody Stillwell (Godfrey), 3. Tom Riech (Springfield), 4. Clint Young (Ava), 5. Richie Gabriel (Godfrey), 6. Ryan Timmons (Centralia), 7. Tim Riech (Springfield), 8. Eric Brackett (Brighton), 9. Jerry Thompson (Troy), 10. Scott Kuhn

Sportsman–1. Jeremy Nichols (Lovington), 2. Dennis Vandermeersch (Springfield), 3. Scott Landers (Taylorville), 4. Timmy Dick (Monticello), 5. Troy Medley (Festus, MO), 6. Danny Smith (Argenta), 7. Tom Graham (Stonington), 8. Tim Bedinger (Taylorville)

Street Stocks–1. Nick Justice (Decatur), 2. Nick Macklin (Argenta), 3. Jeremy Nichols (Lovington), 4. Luke Force (Argenta), 5. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 6. Kaleb Wood (Sullivan), 7. Greg Osman (Bloomington), 8. Kyle Waters (Oreana), 9. Chad Day (Brighton), 10. Shawn Ziemer (Boody)

Billingsley Towing Modifieds–1. Rodney Standerfer (Summerfield), 2. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 3. Matt Maier (Thomasboro), 4. Wade Glover (Brighton), 5. Jeremy Nichols (Lovington), 6. Troy Dodson (Hammond), 7. Derrick Carlson (Murrayville), 8. Brian Shubirg (Troy), 9. Tim Hancock, Jr. (Mt. Olive), 10. Jim Farley III (Springfield)

Hornets–1. Jared Matherly (Decatur), 2. Ryan Cantrell (Decatur), 3. Austin Wickline (Harristown), 4. Rafe McKenna (Pana), 5. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 6. Brad Rexroad (Hammond), 7. Ryan Barton (Taylorville), 8. Luke Wright (Lincoln), 9. Marty Sullivan (Decatur), 10. Cook Crawford (Lincoln)

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