Former Winners Return to Macon Victory Circle

(Macon, IL) Two names quite familiar with victory lane at Macon Speedway made returns tonight in Kyle Logue and Wes O’Dell. Logue, racing in Patrick Younger’s Pro Late Model due to an arm injury, got the pole position in the frisbee redraw and held off a hungry Jake Little for the checkered flag. Roben Huffman had the early advantage but yielded the lead to Logue in the opening laps. Logue never had a comfortable lead as Little was always within a car length or side-by-side. Logue utilized the middle of the track while Little tried to the bottom but to no avail.

Wes O’Dell spun the laps in the Sportsman division en route to his first Macon Speedway checkered flag in quite some time. Danny Smith closed the gap in the closing laps but O’Dell made sure to win it in his return out of semi-retirement.

Curt Rhodes took top honors in the Billingsley Elite Wash Modified class. Austin Lynn and Alan Crowder were contending for the lead but Crowder was involved in a late-race accident which ended his night. Rhodes stayed ahead of Lynn for the distance and took the win.

For the second time in as many weeks, Jeremy Nichols topped Nick Justice in the Street Stocks. Nichols and Justice were close to one another for the duration of the 15-lap A-Main event but Nichols was just too much on this night.

Tim Hancock made short work in the B-Modified class once again. Hancock, the defending B-Modified track champion, also signed on to race in the Billingsley Elite Wash Modified division and had a second place finish in his heat race but the racecar was nearing broken down stages after the B-Modified feature and was unable to compete in the Billingsley Elite Wash Modified main event.

The Hornets saw a come-from-behind finish with Adam Webb taking the glory. Starting from the back for winning last week, Webb was petal-to-the-medal to get to the front and made the pass midway through the 15-lap feature to bypass Dustin Reed to take control of the race.

Macon Speedway also hosted the first Diesel Truck Show & Shine where race fans who brought their diesel truck to the track were able to bring it onto the historic 1/5th mile and showcase their machine. Upon fans’ applause in the stands, Tim Jensen was declared the winner in his 2008 GMC 3500.

Macon Speedway wishes to thank its sponsors for the evening: Coziahr Harley Davidson and Pabst Blue Ribbon. As for next week, 95Q and Dynagraphics will present the Firecracker 40s with 40-lap features for the Pro Late Models and the Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds. The Modifieds will race topless and go without roofs.The Hornets will compete in the second-ever Hornet Challenge with $1,000-to-win. Also, the Street Stocks and B-Modifieds make up the show to close out the month of June.

Pro Late Models–1. Kyle Logue (Cisco), 2. Jake Little (Springfield), 3. Ryan Little (Springfield), 4. Tommy Sheppard, Jr. (New Berlin), 5. Roben Huffman (Midland City), 6. Jeff Reed, Jr. (Blue Mound), 7. Cody Maguire (Carlinville), 8. Kyle Van Dorn (New Berlin), 9. Rudy Zaragoza (Jacksonville), 10. Jarod Shasteen (Macon)

Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds–1. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 2. Austin Lynn (Mason City), 3. Katie Lord (Zionsville, IN), 4. Tim Luttrell (Riverton), 5. Blake Thompson (Troy), 6. Jeff Graham (Stonington), 7. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield), 8. Alan Crowder (Elwin), 9. Joe Strawkas (Buffalo), 10. Kaleb Wood (Sullivan)

Sportsman–1. Wes O’Dell (Springfield), 2. Danny Smith (Argenta), 3. Tim Bedinger (Taylorville), 4. Scott Landers (Taylorville), 5. Timmy Dick (Monticello), 6. Terry Myers (Buffalo)

Street Stocks–1. Jeremy Nichols (Lovington), 2. Nick Justice (Decatur), 3. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 4. Jason Scrimpsher (Decatur), 5. Garrett Lewis (Decatur), 6. Rudy Zaragoza (Jacksonville), 7. Fredie Thomas (Macon), 8. Terry Reed (Decatur), 9. Shawn Ziemer (Boody), 10. Roy Beal (Riverton)

B-Modifieds–1. Tim Hancock (Mt. Olive), 2. Jim Lafferty (Gillespie), 3. Cody Stillwell (Godfrey), 4. Jerry Thompson (Troy), 5. Tim Riech (Petersburg), 6. Jordan Warren (Medora), 7. Jared Thomas (Edinburg), 8. Roy Magee (Springfield), 9. Jim Farley III (Springfield), 10. Billy Adams (Shelbyville)

Hornets–1. Adam Webb (Decatur), 2. Dustin Reed (Decatur), 3. Cook Crawford (Lincoln), 4. Marty Sullivan (Decatur), 5. Carter Dart (Springfield), 6. Stacy Stinson (Decatur), 7. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion), 8. Paul Peters (Pana), 9. Bradley Dasenbrock (Decatur), 10. Matthew Donaldson (Carlinville)

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