Pro Late Model Race Claimed By Little Margin

(Macon, IL) In the annual Firecracker 40’s, a full house was on hand to watch fireworks at the end of the program but also to see a pair of 40-lap features from the Pro Late Models and the Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds. Ryan Little of Springfield made the most of his opportunity from the front row and led all 40 laps during a caution-filled Pro Late Model feature. The race finished by the narrowist of margins as a lapped car got in the way of the leader which allowed Ryan’s nephew Jake Little the chance to close in for the lead. Guy Taylor was also within a nose-length of the lead when the checkered flag was in the air.

Curt Rhodes took advantage of a miscue by his son in the 40-lap Billingsley Elite Wash Modified race. On the seventh lap, Zach Rhodes looked to be charge but slipped up and spun out and that ended his run in the lead. On the restart of the seventh lap, Curt Rhodes took the lead and then looked to dash away with the win. Austin Lynn came from behind to make it close in the closing laps. Lapped traffic got in the way of the first and second place cars and when Rhodes cleared the cars, Lynn had to manuever around the cars and put his foot on the gas around the top side. However, that dragged him to the concrete and the wall on the backstretch and ended his race with three laps remaining. Rhodes took care of the rest when the race was restarted.

The Hornets may not have raced a 40-lap race but they did get in a 25-lap race with 25 cars on the track in the second-ever Hornet Challenge which paid $1,000-to-win. The event carried over from Friday night at Lincoln Speedway and with three states represented (Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin), Adam Webb of Decatur, IL, had the best time of the night. He led all of the 25 laps and took home the big check. Webb exited Friday night’s challenge with a flat tire while in second place in the closing laps. Saturday night was about as perfect as perfect could be.

Richie Gabriel of Godfrey took the win in the B-Modified class. The usual suspect for victory lane, Tim Hancock, had a broken racecar and was unable to make the field. Gabriel and John Seets III were back and forth for four laps before Gabriel took care of the lead for the remaining four laps and took home the win.

Shawn Ziemer won his first Street Stock feature win at Macon Speedway as he and Brian Dasenbrock were battling for the lead. Dasenbrock collided with Ziemer coming to the green flag and then started to break down as he snapped his machine into the front stretch wall leading Ziemer to the checkered flag unchallenged.

Macon Speedway wishes to thank 95Q, Dynagraphics and Caterpillar for being presenting sponsors of the Firecracker 40s. Next week, USAC Midgets will be on the show along with the Beach House Micro Sprints, Pro Late Models and the Street Stocks race in a Big Ten Series event.

Macon Speedway Feature Rundowns (Top 10’s)

Hornet Challenge – 1. 40-Adam Webb, [Decatur, IL]; 2. 18-Jay Orr, [South Milwaukee, WI]; 3. 11-Derrick DeFord, [Canton, IL]; 4. 6-Donnie Modesty, [Seymour, IN]; 5. 24-Kenny Butterfield, [Mapleton, IL]; 6. 13-Jacob Balk, [South Milwaukee, WI]; 7. 21R-Dustin Reed, [Decatur, IL]; 8. 911-Brad Rexroad, [Hammond, IL]; 9. 007-Rick DeFord, [Canton, IL]; 10. 39M-Marty Sullivan, [Decatur, IL]

Midwest Big Ten Pro Late Models – 1. 38L-Ryan Little, [Springfield, IL]; 2. 38J-Jake Little, [Springfield, IL]; 3. 44-Guy Taylor, [Springfield, IL]; 4. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr, [New Berlin, IL]; 5. 45-Aaron Heck, [Mt. Vernon, IL]; 6. A9-AJ May, [Creve Coure, IL]; 7. 33H-Roben Huffman, [Midland City, IL]; 8. 24-Matt Taylor, [Springfield, IL]; 9. 52R-Jeff Reed, Jr, [Blue Mound, IL]; 10. 45M-Kyle McMahon, [Mt. Vernon, IL]

Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds – 1. 10-Curt Rhodes, [Taylorville, IL]; 2. 99-Tim Luttrell, [Riverton, IL]; 3. 00-Cody Stillwell, [Godfrey, IL]; 4. 7-Blake Thompson, [Troy, IL]; 5. 98-Danny Smith, [Argenta, IL]; 6. 11-Zach Rhodes, [Taylorville, IL]; 7. 14C-Alan Crowder, [Elwin, IL]; 8. 18-Jerry Thompson, [Troy, IL]; 9. (DNF) 72A-Austin Lynn, [Mason City, IL]; 10. (DNF) 360-John Seets III, [Brighton, IL]

UMP B-Mods – 1. 63G-Richie Gabriel, [Godfrey, IL]; 2. 360-John Seets III, [Brighton, IL]; 3. 00S-Cody Stillwell, [Godfrey, IL]; 4. 18-Jerry Thompson, [Troy, IL]; 5. 313-Jordan Warren, [Medora, IL]; 6. 57R-Tom Riech, [Springfield, IL]; 7. 15L-Jim Farley III, [Springfield, IL]; 8. 43-Jared Thomas, [Edinburg, IL]; 9. 66-Roy Magee, [Springfield, IL]; 10. 11-Amanda Adams, [Shelbyville, IL]

UMP Street Stocks – 1. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, [Boody, IL]; 2. 55S-Jason Scrimpsher, [Decatur, IL]; 3. 3T-Kevin Lewis, [Decatur, IL]; 4. 58-Jerit Murphy, [Lodge, IL]; 5. 67-Rudy Zaragoza, [Jacksonville, IL]; 6. 08-Brian Dasenbrock, [Decatur, IL]; 7. (DNF) 73-Garrett Lewis, [Decatur, IL]; 8. (DNF) 41-Fredie Thomas, [Macon, IL]

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