Unzicker Scores Kerbystrong 100 Feature

(Macon, IL) Ryan Unzicker took advantage of lapped traffic in the 50-lap Super Late Model feature race and crossed the double checkers for the win. Greg Kimmons, former Sportsman division track champion, took the lead early and led looking strong as he got out ahead of Unzicker and the 19-car field. Coming out of the fourth turn on the 13th lap, Unzicker swerved to avoid a stalling lapped car and Unzicker cut underneath to take the lead and ran away with the win. The feature was flagged by former Macon Speedway flagman Jerry Wilson.

Scott Landers won the Sportsman division as he yoyoed himself from the front to the back and to the front again. Starting on the pole from his heat race win, Landers would be sent to the back of the 12-car field as he was the reason for the caution flag coming out. Timmy Dick looked to take the lead and run away with the race but a flat tire brought him to the infield. Steven Mattingly looked to run away but his car broke down midway through the event and that gave the lead back to a charging Scott Landers. Landers raced many times with Kerby Damery and appreciated the event being brought to his racing division and the race track that Damery called home.

Austin Lynn has been racing strong at Macon Speedway all season but had never crossed the line first in a feature race until Saturday night. Lynn scored his first-ever feature win on a grand scale during the 25-lap Kerbystrong event during the Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds race.Starting sixth and looking to run behind Rodney Standerfer and Curt Rhodes, Lynn found a strong groove on the top side and raced it to the front. Rhodes had to revert to the tail following a yellow flag early on. Rhodes would race hard and strong on the top side and would finish in third behind Rodney Standerfer.

Tim Hancock did the usual, ran away with the B-Modified feature. 14 cars made the field and was unable to give Hancock much of a challenge.

Jeremy Nichols has a broken Street Stock. Nichols is running for points in the Street Stocks class. Luckily for Nichols, he has friends and fellow drivers who will give up their ride to make sure Nichols gets his nightly points. Rudy Zaragoza of Jacksonville was Nichols’ friend Saturday night as he gave up his car to allow Nichols to race. Nichols appreciated it during the victory lane speech when he won the 15-lap feature event. Nick Macklin, last week’s winner, gave it all he could but Nichols could not be topped running on the top side of the 1/5th mile.

Dustin Reed took the Hornets division for the second time in three weeks.

Kerby Damery raced at Macon Speedway from the late 1980s until the mid-2005s and sadly passed away from cancer in February 2015. His memorial and honor has been carried out by his wife Nikki and sons Blake and Luke as well as the Kerbystrong Foundation which supports cancer patients and helps them get through the most difficult of times. Macon Speedway is proud to a Gold Sponsor of Kerbystrong and to the mission they carry in their third year.

Macon Speedway will not rest for long as the Lucas Oil Late Model Series comes to town on Tuesday for a rainout make-up of the 4th Annual St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part 100. The event, originally schedule in late April, will draw crowds from all around as it will also draw some of the top names in the Late Model racing world as all will be vying for the $12,000-to-win payday. The Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds will run for $1,000-to-win and the B-Modifieds will also be on the program.

Feature Results (Top 10’s)

Big Ten Super Late Models – 1. 24-Ryan Unzicker, [El Paso]; 2. 42-Mckay Wenger, [Fairbury]; 3. 6P-Jose Parga, [New Berlin]; 4. 89-Mike Spatola, [Manhattan]; 5. 6K-Michael Kloos, [Trenton]; 6. 27-Greg Kimmons, [Pleasant Plains]; 7. 4-Jason Suhre, [Highland]; 8. 33H-Roben Huffman, [Clinton]; 9. 16H-Mike Hammerle, [St. Charles, MO]; 10. 15V-Kolby Vandenbergh, [Ashland, IL]

Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds – 1. 72A-Austin Lynn, [Mason City]; 2. 28-Rodney Standerfer, [Summerfield]; 3. 10-Curt Rhodes, [Taylorville]; 4. 99-Tim Luttrell, [Riverton]; 5. 28S-Joe Strawkas, [Buffalo]; 6. 4T-Jake Trebilcock, [Caseyville]; 7. 14C-Alan Crowder, [Elwin]; 8. (DNF) 6L-Robert Lee, [Maryville]; 9. (DNF) 0-Tim Hancock, [Mt. Olive]; 10. (DNF) 71-Jeff Graham, [Stonington]

Sportsman – 1. 41-Scott Landers, [Taylorville]; 2. 11-Rick Roedel, [Shelbyville]; 3. 112-Scott Williams, [Anchor]; 4. 44-Bill Berghaus, [Chapin]; 5. B99-Tim Bedinger, [Taylorville]; 6. 22-Timmy Dick, [Monticello]; 7. (DNF) 12M-Terry Myers, [Buffalo]; 8. (DNF) 7-Steven Mattingly, [Chenoa]; 9. (DNF) 98-Danny Smith, [Argenta]; 10. (DNF) 11D-Dennis Vandermeersch, [Arlington]

B-Mods – 1. 0-Tim Hancock, [Mt. Olive]; 2. 63-Tommy Gaither, [Bunker Hill]; 3. 00S-Cody Stillwell, [Godfrey]; 4. 18-Jerry Thompson, [Troy]; 5. 15C-Kevin Crowder, [Argenta]; 6. 57R-Tom Riech, [Springfield]; 7. 61S-Ricky Smith, [Alton]; 8. 9-Brian Deavers, [Bloomington]; 9. 13-Dante Brown, [Morrisonville]; 10. 55-Tim Riech, [Petersburg]

Street Stocks – 1. 67R-Jeremy Nichols, [Lovington]; 2. 16-Nick Macklin, [Argenta]; 3. 08-Brian Dasenbrock, [Decatur]; 4. 22-Darrell Dick, [Monticello]; 5. 24-Justin Crowell, [Lincoln]; 6. 73-Garrett Lewis, [Decatur]; 7. 58-Jarit Murphy, [Lodge]; 8. 55S-Jason Scrimpsher, [Decatur]; 9. 3T-Kevin Lewis, [Decatur]; 10. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, [Boody]

Hornets – 1. 21R-Dustin Reed, [Decatur]; 2. 39M-Marty Sullivan, [Decatur]; 3. 4-Matt Reed, [Decatur]; 4. 64CK-Cook Crawford, [Lincoln]; 5. 35W-Austin Wickline, [Harristown]; 6. 63-Paul Peters, [Pana]; 7. 89D-D. Deavers, [Bloomington]; 8. (DNF) 55-Tristin Quinlan, [Decatur]; 9. (DNF) D7-Carter Dart, [Springfield]

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