Eve Of Destruction III Coming This Saturday Night

Eve Of Destruction III is now set for this Saturday, August 12 at Macon Speedway.  In addition to six divisions of great racing action, fans will be treated to a car rollover contest at intermission.  That’s right, fans will judge who can roll a car over the best with the brave and daring drivers who have chosen to roll a car.

Towards the end of the night, several cars will come onto the track for a wild and crazy, Race ‘Em Wreck ‘Em event.  To put it nicely, the event is basically a “go around the track demolition derby”.  The event will be 15 laps and each competitor must hit another competitor at least once every half lap to be permitted to continue.

Rounding out the show, the lights will go off and fireworks will light the night sky.  Full details of divisions running, prices, and times are listed on the left column of the website.

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