Winner Announced In Billingsley Elite Wash Modified Feature

Statement From Macon Speedway…
After reviewing all the video and consulting with many people, including race officials, non-biased drivers, other sanctioning bodies, and even other track promoters and officials, we have come to a conclusion regarding this exciting finish.
We understand that the #22 car did make contact with the #11 and would have been relegated to the back of the lead lap if we would’ve restarted the race, so ultimately that was the decision that was made. We do not want to allow one car to be able to dictate the outcome of a checkered flag situation, whether it is intentional or just aggressive driving.
We will also not tolerate any driver conduct detrimental to our sport such as running across the infield to get inside another car.
That said, we feel fortunate to have such a talented group of drivers that put on great shows on a weekly basis at Macon Speedway. We will strive to continue putting on great races, with a surface that leads to side-by-side fast paced action and produces a prompt and timely event.
The official finish for the Billingsley Elite Wash UMP Modified feature is as follows:
1) 72A-Austin Lynn [Mason City, IL] 2) 9-Ken Schrader [Fenton, MO] 3) 24S-Jacon Steinkoenig [Highland, IL] 4) 98-Danny Smith [Argenta, IL] 5) 22T-Tim Hancock, Jr. [Mt. Olive, IL] 6) 11-Zach Rhodes [Taylorville, IL] 7) 25-Jeff Wallace [Decatur, IL] 8) 10-Curt Rhodes [Taylorville, IL] 9) 37I-Jim Ippenson [Auburn, IL] 10) 14C-Alan Crowder 11) 71-Jeff Graham [Stonington, IL]

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