Unzicker & Hancock Hot Hands In Miller Lite Twin 50’s

Ryan Unzicker in Midwest Big Ten Series DIRTcar UMP Super Late Model feature action picking up from his 2nd place finish in the 5th Annual St. Louis U Pic A Part 100 Lucas Oil Late Model Series with a dominating feature win in the Miller Lite Beer 50 lap main event. Going from the pole, Unzicker would go on to blister the field and lap up to 5th place. While the track transitioned and some cars came to life and others faded, Unzicker’s was constant and dominant.

In the first ever DIRTcar UMP B Mod Lite Beer 50, Tim Hancock continued to show why he is an ace in the division. The former track champion established a new B Mod track record, won his heat, and went on to score the 50 lap feature in convincing fashion after taking the lead 3 laps in.

The Billingsley Elite Wash DIRTcar UMP Modified feature would see Rodney Standerfer get to the lead in the opening few circuits from Ryan Unzicker, who is here getting a feel before Thursday’s 100 lap special, and never looking back to cruise to another checkered flag and victory lane.

The most exciting finish of the night came in the 600cc Winged Outlaw Micro Sprints presented by Bailey Chassis Company as Andy Bishop would track down race long leader Garrett Duff and take the lead on the final circuit coming off the final turn. It had the crowd on their feet and cheering showing their appreciation for a fantastic race.

In the DIRTcar UMP Street Stocks Darrell Dick would jump out in the early stages to a large lead but a couple of late cautions would bunch things up. With that Terry Reed turned up the wick on the race long leader. Dick would fend off the challenges and go on to win and dedicated it to 2017 Macon Speedway Street Stock track champion, who was injured Saturday in a violent accident racing in Peoria.

In the DIRTcar UMP Hornets, a familiar face found victory lane in former Macon Speedway track champion and DIRTcar UMP Hornet National Champion in Jeremy Reed, who fended off Owensboro, Kentucky driver Trevor Hutchens and another former track and national champion in Adam Webb. Reed too offered his words of encouragement to Dasenbrock, who is his stepfather.


Big Ten Super Late Models – 1. 24-Ryan Unzicker, [El Paso, IL]; 2. 89-Mike Spatola, [Manhattan, IL]; 3. 16-Rusty Griffaw, [Festus, MO]; 4. CJ1-Rusty Schlenk, [McClure, OH]; 5. 27-Greg Kimmons, [Pleasant Plains, IL]; 6. 7T-Steve Thorsten, [Milford, IL]; 7. 33H-Roben Huffman, [Clinton, IL]; 8. 25-Dakota Ewing, [Warrensburg, IL]; 9. 55-Collin Alexander, [Clinton, IL]; 10. 6P-Jose Parga, [New Berlin, IL]

Billingsley Elite Wash Modifieds – 1. 28-Rodney Standerfer [Summerfield, IL]; 2. 7R-Ryan Unzicker [El Paso, IL]; 3. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr, [New Berlin, IL]; 4. 10-Curt Rhodes, [Taylorville, IL]; 5. 9-Ken Schrader, [Fenton, MO]; 6. 98-Danny Smith, [Argenta, IL]; 7. 11-Zach Rhodes, [Taylorville, IL]; 8. 51-Jeremiah Hoadley, [Decatur, IL]; 9. 45-Kyle Hammer, [Clinton, IL]; 10. 15C-Kevin Crowder, [Argenta, IL]

B-Mods – 1. 0-Tim Hancock, [Mt. Olive, IL]; 2. 63E-Bret Eilerman, [Highland, IL]; 3. 00S-Cody Stillwell, [Godfrey, IL]; 4. 61S-Ricky Smith, [Alton, IL]; 5. 57R-Tom Riech, [Springfield, IL]; 6. 24S-Steve Phillips, [Neoga, IL]; 7. 55-Tim Riech, [Petersburg, IL]; 8. 22K-Michael Kettler, [Millstadt, IL]; 9. 18-Jerry Thompson, [Troy, IL]; 10. J586-Gordon Parsons, [Danville, IL]

Street Stocks – 1. 22X-Darrell Dick, [Monticello, IL]; 2. 5-Terry Reed, [Decatur, IL]; 3. 20-Tanner Sullivan, [Pontiac, IL]; 4. 122-Timmy Dick, [Monticello, IL]; 5. X7-Larry Russell,, [Decatur, IL]; 6. 22-Chris Dick, [Deland, IL]; 7. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer, [Boody, IL]; 8. 21-Jaret Duff, [Maroa, IL]; 9. 15-Rick Reed, [El Paso, IL]; 10. (DNF) 58-Jerit Murphy, [Lodge, IL]

Hornets – 1. 33-Jeremy Reed, [Decatur, IL]; 2. 68-Trevor Hutchins, [Owensboro, KY]; 3. 40-Adam Webb, [Decatur, IL]; 4. 21-Mike Eskew, [Springfield, IL]; 5. 64CK-Cook Crawford, [Lincoln, IL]; 6. 4-Matt Reed, [Decatur, IL]; 7. E77-Erik Vanapeldoorn, [Clinton, IL]; 8. 98-Ken Reed, [Decatur, IL]; 9. 39M-Marty Sullivan, [Decatur, IL]; 10. D1-Adam Lewis, [Decatur, IL]

Micros By Bailey Chassis – 1. 42B-Andy Bishop, [Harrisburg, IL]; 2. 4-Garrett Duff, [Weldon, IL]; 3. 23C-Tony Clifton, [Mt. Zion, IL]; 4. 46-Kyle Schuett, [Philo, IL]; 5. 9T-Tyler Duff, [Weldon, IL]; 6. 17-Molly Day, [Atwood, IL]; 7. 11-Riley Goodno, [Knoxville, IA]; 8. 44-Trevin Littleton, [Jacksonville, IL]; 9. 84-Tyler Day, [Atwood, IL]; 10. 1-Clayton Duff, [Weldon, IL]

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