Dynagraphics/95Q Firecracker 40’s Saturday Night at Macon Speedway

(Macon, IL) After a rainout last week, race drivers are ready to get back on track for this week’s Dynagraphics/95Q Firecracker 40’s at Macon Speedway. Six divisions of racing will be capped off by a holiday firework display toward the end of the night.

The first of two 40-lappers on the night will be for the BillingsleyRewards.com Modifieds which will be topless. Each driver will remove the roof off the race car, allowing fans a great look at how hard they work to keep their cars in the right direction. Guy Taylor, of Springfield, IL, leads the standings in the class after winning his second feature of the year.

The second of the two 40-lap features will be in the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model division. For the first time, officials are allowing drivers to remove the roof of their cars but it is optional not mandatory like the Modifieds. Williamsville, IL’s Colby Sheppard leads the points by 32 over Jose Parga.

The DIRTcar Pro Mod class has been one of the best this season, providing competitive racing with great field parity. In seven nights, the class has awarded seven different winners. The top five in points are Kyle Helmick, of Smithton, IL, Nick Justice, Jake Montgomery, Kevin Crowder, and Billy Knebel. Each of the five have claimed one win. Helmick and Justice are tied for the point lead, while Montgomery is only two points behind them. Ryan Hamilton and B.J. Deal have also won features competing on a part time basis. The DIRTcar Pro Mods are also permitted to run with tops off Saturday.

Modified point leader, Guy Taylor, also leads up the Archers Alley Street Stock division points. Taylor has yet to put the x7 in victory lane but has finished in the top ten in all of his feature starts. Jaret Duff is just four points back, while Zach Taylor has been showing great improvement in his second year and is third. Bobby Beiler and Jeremy Nichols round out the top five.

Allan Harris is the current point leader in the DIRTcar Hornet class, claiming three feature wins this season. Billy Mason is second with two feature wins, while Shelby Beiler, Justin Coffey, and Zac Miller round out the top five. Michael McKay and Joe Reed have also found victory lane this year in limited starts.

The Micros By Bailey Chassis have only been running for points for a couple of seasons at the track but each year the battle has been extremely tight. Last year, Jacob Tipton, of Decatur, IL, actually was tied at the end of the year for the championship but the tie-breaker put him second. Daryn Stark leads this year’s standings by 14 over Hayden Harvey. John Barnard, Kyle Barker, and Jacob Tipton complete the top five.

Pit gates will open Saturday at 4:00, grandstands at 5:00, hotlaps will start at 6:00, and racing will take the green flag at 7:00 PM. Grandstand admission is $18, while kids 11 and under are free.

About Macon Speedway:

For more information, follow Macon Speedway online at www.maconracing.com, on Facebook (www.facebook.com/maconracing) and Twitter (@maconspeedway). Updates are also available by calling Macon Speedway at 217-764-3000.

Macon Speedway is located nine miles south of Decatur on U.S. 51, then 0.6 miles west on Andrews Street and south to 205 N. Wiles. Macon Speedway hosts racing every Saturday night, plus many weeknight specials. Macon Speedway is a proud member of the Contingency Connection’s $150,000 Racer Rewards Program.


Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 27 Colby Sheppard Williamsville IL 386 0
2 6P Jose Parga New Berlin IL 354 32
3 64 Donny Koehler Macon IL 314 72
4 11 Ryan Miller Lincoln IL 280 106
5 14J Braden Johnson Taylorville IL 270 116
6 25 Dakota Ewing Warrensburg IL 240 146
7 14 Derek Smith Decatur IL 238 148
8 33B Storm Beiler Decatur IL 182 204
9 38J Jake Little Springfield IL 158 228
10 4 Jon Easley Benton IL 128 258

BillingsleyRewards.com Modifieds

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 77 Guy Taylor Springfield IL 370 0
2 T6 Tommy Sheppard New Berlin IL 356 14
3 87C Alan Crowder Elwin IL 332 38
4 27X Kyle Helmick Smithton IL 322 48
5 52 Billy Knebel Pocahontas IL 308 62
6 78 Maxx Emerson Taylorville IL 250 120
7 4G John Goveia Riverton IL 228 142
8 4M Clint Martin Ramsey IL 210 160
9 24 Zach Taylor Springfield IL 200 170
10 71 Jeff Graham Stonington IL 198 172

DIRTcar Pro Mods

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 27X Kyle Helmick Smithton IL 374 0
2 36 Nick Justice Decatur IL 374 0
3 21.5 Jake Montgomery East Peoria IL 372 2
4 15C Kevin Crowder Argenta IL 358 16
5 52 Billy Knebel Pocahontas IL 336 38
6 24 Guy Taylor Springfield IL 336 38
7 14N Nathan Lynch Hillsboro IL 336 38
8 3X Justin Reynolds Hillsboro IL 294 80
9 116 Kevin Rench Hillsboro IL 282 92
10 10 Adam Rhoades Clinton IL 252 122

Archers Alley Street Stocks

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 X7 Guy Taylor Springfield IL 406 0
2 21 Jaret Duff Maroa IL 402 4
3 Z24 Zach Taylor Springfield IL 360 46
4 29 Bobby Beiler Blue Mound IL 358 48
5 67R Jeremy Nichols Lovington IL 356 50
6 22 Darrell Dick Monticello IL 352 54
7 16 Nick Macklin Argenta IL 318 88
8 53R Jeff Reed, Jr Blue Mound IL 268 138
9 11 Terry Reed Cerro Gordo IL 264 142
10 08 Brian Dasenbrock Decatur IL 236 170

DIRTcar Hornets

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 3H Allan Harris Chatham IL 408 0
2 357 Billy Mason Brownstown IL 382 26
3 324 Shelby Beiler Macon IL 332 76
4 J13 Justin Coffey Stonington IL 292 116
5 9Z Zac Miller Lincoln IL 254 154
6 187 Korey Bailey Stonington IL 242 166
7 44 Bill Basso Athens IL 214 194
8 64CK Cook Crawford Lincoln IL 170 238
9 V91 Tyler Vonbehren Weldon IL 168 240
10 26A Michael McKay Springfield IL 160 248

Micros By Bailey Chassis

Pos # First Name Last Name City State Points Gap
1 55S Daryn Stark Springfield IL 266 0
2 55H Hayden Harvey Warrensburg IL 252 14
3 8B John Barnard Sherman IL 244 22
4 27 Kyle Barker Cooksville IL 234 32
5 10 Jacob Tipton Decatur IL 220 46
6 17 Molly Day Allerton IL 158 108
7 68 Devin Feger East Peoria IL 154 112
8 2 Cody Swisher Atwood IL 154 112
9 N1A Shania Alexander Humboldt IL 152 114
10 21 Aarik Andruskevitch Riverton IL 150 116

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