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Tire Rule Bulletin

Macon Speedway 2016 Dirtcar Weekly Posted Tire Rule:
A Modified Approved tires are A40, A40-S AND H40’S until July 1 2016. No grooving allowed. After July 1st, the only approved A Modified tires shall be the A40-S tire. The H40 is approved as a right rear option. No grooving allowed.

Macon Speedway’s Street Stock and B-Mod’s will be allowed to run A40, A40-S and H 40 for the entire 2016 season. Grooved tires will be allowed on the front only.

Macon Speedway’s UMP Super Late Model tire rule for 2016: LM20 or LM40 on any corner. No LM30 allowed. (Except Lucas Oil LM April 30 and Summernationals July 7)

Macon Speedway’s UMP Pro Late Model tire rule for 2016: Only the Hoosier LM40 tires will be permitted for competition.

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