Unzicker Back in Macon Speedway Victory Lane On Kid’s Castle Night

(Macon, IL) Ryan Unzicker appeared at Macon Speedway and took the special 30-lap feature race in the Super Late Model Big Ten Series event on Kid’s Castle Night at the 1/5-mile bullring. The win at Macon was his first since winning the Herald & Review 100 in 2015. 26 Late Models signed into the program and dazzled the crowd with a spectacular feature event which saw Unzicker take the victory but Matt Taylor, who started tenth, ended up second when the final lap was finished.

Long time coming for Oreana’s Kyle Waters as he found his first Macon Speedway checkered flag in the Street Stock feature event. Usually finishing second or third in the feature behind the likes of Nick Justice and others, Waters was able to have lady luck on his side. Justice fell out of the race four laps in and drivers continued to have mechanical woes or flat tires to end their nights but Waters had just enough left to finish off the race and take the win. It was his second career checkered flag with the first coming at Lincoln Speedway in early May.

Jay Ledford appeared at Macon Speedway for the first time in 2016 and left a lasting impression. He received the best draw during the six-driver frisbee formation re-draw and placed him on the front row inside position. From then on, he was in the lead. A close race with Cory Daugherty made things interesting but Daughtery would leave with steering troubles and Ledford would coast to the checkered flag.

Tim Hancock remains untouchable in the B-Modified division as he sealed his 13th feature win in as many chances Saturday night.Cody Stillwell took second but was far from making it a close race.

Thanks to an opening lap flip with front row driver Patrick Bruns, Andy Malpocker got the chance to start in the front row on the restart and battled Tyler Vantoll to the finish. A slide job attempt by Vantoll looked like it may yield him with the top spot but it wasn’t to be as the move didn’t hold and Malpocker got the victory.

Jeremy Reed started in the tail of the Hornet feature and outdueled Adam Webb to the checkered flag in the 15-lap Hornet race.

Also on the schedule for the first time in 2016 was the KidModz. Ryan Hamilton was the fastest one to the finish.

Super Late Models–1. Ryan Unzicker (El Paso), 2. Matt Taylor (Springfield), 3. Chuck Mitchell (Jacksonville), 4. Don Hammer (Clinton), 5. MaKay Wenger (Fairbury), 6. Jose Parga (New Berlin), 7. Brian Diveley (Springfield), 8. Jason Suhre (Highland), 9. Greg Kimmons (Pleasant Plains), 10. Jeff Hartzell (Genoa)

Billingsley Towing Modifieds–1. Jay Ledford, 2. Brian Lynn (Mason City), 3. Jeff Graham (Stonington), 4. Alan Crowder (Elwin), 5. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 6. Mark Ross (Havana), 7. Eric Goetter (Summerfield), 8. Tim Hancock, Jr. (Mt. Olive), 9. Danny Smith (Argenta), 10. Scott Jones (Macon)

Street Stocks–1. Kyle Waters (Oreana), 2. Shawn Ziemer (Boody), 3. Kevin Lewis (Decatur), 4. Justin Crowell (Lincoln), 5. Brian Dasenbrock (Decatur), 6. Luke Force (Oreana), 7. Greg Osman (Bloomington), 8. Rudy Zaragoza (Jacksonville), 9. Ben Medaris (Decatur), 10. Nick Justice (Decatur)

B-Modifieds–1. Tim Hancock (Mt. Olive), 2. Cody Stillwell (Godfrey), 3. Ryan Timmons (Centralia), 4. Tim Hancock, Jr. (Mt. Olive), 5. Brett Page (Centralia), 6. Tom Riech (Springfield), 7. Tim Riech (Petersburg), 8. Roy Magee (Springfield), 9. Jimmy Glover (Alton), 10. Eric Brackett (Brighton)

POWRi Divison II Midgets–1. Andy Malpocker (St. Charles, MO), 2. Tyler Vantoll (Belleville), 3. Adam Taylor (Shorewood), 4. John Heydenreich (Bloomsburg, PA), 5. Patrick Bruns (Champaign), 6. Alex Watson (Columbus, OH), 7. Jack Routson (Waterman), 8. Mr. Woolbright, 9. Charles Taylor (Troy, OH), 10. Wyatt Teare (Rankin)

Hornets–1. Jeremy Reed (Decatur), 2. Adam Webb (Decatur), 3. Jerad Matherly (Decatur), 4. Steven Stine (Stonington), 5. Eric Young (Clinton), 6. Torry Lyons (Mt. Pulaski), 7. Tony Reed, Jr. (Blue Mound), 8. Fred Reed (Decatur), 9. Ryan Cantrell (Decatur), 10. Marty Sullivan (Decatur)

KidModz–1. Ryan Hamilton, 2. Dominick Mertzke, 3. Michael Ledford, 4. Dillon Daugherty, 5. Blake Brilley

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