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Parga, Sheppard, & Deal Claim Top Wins At Macon Speedway

(Macon, IL) Macon Speedway had another great night of racing this past Saturday, May 22. Six divisions were on track with over 40 bikes given away to kids in attendance.

New Berlin, IL driver, Jose Parga, was three-for-three coming into the night and after 20 laps of racing in the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model feature, Parga remained unbeaten with his fourth win. Following Parga were Colby Sheppard, Braden Johnson, Ryan Miller, and Eric Doran.

Springfield, IL driver, Guy Taylor led the first two laps of the Modified feature before Jacob Steinkoenig led lap three. Unfortunately for the two aforementioned drivers, New Berlin, IL driver, Tommy Sheppard, Jr. was on the prowl and took over on lap four. Sheppard led the rest of the way, while Brazil, IN’s James Walters was challenging from second. At the checkered, Sheppard was followed by Walters, Steinkoenig, Alan Crowder, and Clint Martin.

Kyle Helmick led the first six paces in the DIRTcar Pro Mod feature before Brownstown, IL driver, B.J. Deal wrestled the top spot away. Deal, making his first appearance at the track this season, was on a rail, leading the rest of the way to claim the victory. Guy Taylor took second, while Helmick, Nathan Lynch, and Nick Justice completed the top five.

The Archers Alley Street Stock field of competitors knew they had their work cut out for them when Bobby Beiler took the green flag from the outside of row number one. Beiler, raced into the number one spot with some of the best drivers right behind him in Guy Taylor, Darrell Dick, and Nick Macklin. Beiler, from Blue Mound, IL, went on to claim the feature win with Macklin, Dick, Jeff Reed, Jr., and Taylor completing the top five.

Taylorville, IL driver, Scott Landers, took the lead at the green in the Weddle Performance Engine Sportsman feature event and never looked back, claiming the victory. Jim Farley, III, Rick Roedel, Wes O’Dell, and Roy Magee were the rest of the top five.

Brownstown, IL competitor Billy Mason took the lead at the green flag in the DIRTcar Hornet feature and set a commanding pace in the early going. Just when everyone thought he had it easily wrapped up, Allan Harris had moved from his eighth starting position into second. Over the last two laps, Harris kept Mason honest but was never able to pull alongside. Mason claimed the win, while Harris, Chris Wright, Adam Webb, and Shelby Beiler rounded out the top five.

In all, Macon Speedway gave over 40 bikes away due to generous donations by a number of individuals and businesses. Among those were Air King, Alexander Racing (Nia), Dennis Vandermeersch Racing, Donnelly Automotive Machine, Kurt Busch, Macon Speedway, Michelle Sutton, Mt. Zion Oddfellows, Secret Garden, The Bullet Trap, Whits End Macon, Walmart, Evergreen FS, Jose Parga, Jerry & Kelly Myers, Alan Crowder Racing, and J&J Motorsports Jamie Reich.

Macon Speedway will next be in action on Memorial Day Monday, May 31 with the Twin 50’s featuring Big Ten Super Late Models and Modifieds. Pro Mods, Weddle Performance Engines Sportsman, Archers Alley Street Stocks, Hornets, and Micros By Bailey Chassis will also be in action. Full information on the event will be released this week. 

Feature Rundowns (Top 10’s)

Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models

  1. 6P-Jose Parga[New Berlin, IL]; 2. 27-Colby Sheppard[Williamsville, IL]; 3. 14J-Braden Johnson[Taylorville, IL]; 4. 11-Ryan Miller[Lincoln, IL]; 5. 34-Eric Doran[Clinton, IL]; 6. 33B-Storm Beiler[Decatur, IL]; 7. 14-Derek Smith[Decatur, IL]; 8. 64-Donny Koehler[Macon, IL]; 9. 25-Dakota Ewing[Warrensburg, IL]; 10. F15-Bob Sidener[Springfield, IL] Modifieds

  1. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr[New Berlin, IL]; 2. 34W-James Walters[Brazil, IN]; 3. 24S-Jacob Steinkoenig[Highland, IL]; 4. 87C-Alan Crowder[Elwin, IL]; 5. 4M-Clint Martin[Ramsey, IL]; 6. 27X-Kyle Helmick[Smithton, IL]; 7. 19C-Carter Sinkhorn[Taylorville, IL]; 8. 5T-Rob Timmons[Centralia, IL]; 9. 4G-John Goveia[Riverton, IL]; 10. 51-Jamie Riech[Riverton, IL]

DIRTcar Pro Mods

  1. 3W-BJ Deal[Brownstown, IL]; 2. 24-Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 3. 27X-Kyle Helmick[Smithton, IL]; 4. 14N-Nathan Lynch[Hillsboro, IL]; 5. 36-Nick Justice[Decatur, IL]; 6. 52-Billy Knebel[Pocahontas, IL]; 7. 215-Jake Montgomery[East Peoria, IL]; 8. 7B-Brian Burns[Bethany, IL]; 9. 3X-Justin Reynolds[Hillsboro, IL]; 10. 15C-Kevin Crowder[Argenta, IL]

Weddle Performance Engines Sportsman

  1. 41-Scott Landers[Taylorville, IL]; 2. 84L-Jim Farley III[Springfield, IL]; 3. 11-Rick Roedel[Shelbyville, IL]; 4. 87-Wes O’Dell[Springfield, IL]; 5. 11R-Roy Magee[Springfield, IL]; 6. 42-Brandon Dick[Decatur, IL]; 7. (DNF) 55-Tim Riech[Petersburg, IL]

Archers Alley Street Stocks

  1. 29-Bobby Beiler[Blue Mound, IL]; 2. 16-Nick Macklin[Argenta, IL]; 3. 22-Darrell Dick[Monticello, IL]; 4. 53R-Jeff Reed Jr[Blue Mound, IL]; 5. X7-Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 6. 21-Jaret Duff[Maroa, IL]; 7. Z24-Zach Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 8. 3T-BJ Thompson[Colchester, IL]; 9. 12-Dean Holt[Decatur, IL]; 10. 23Z-Shawn Ziemer[Boody, IL]

DIRTcar Hornets

  1. 357-Billy Mason[Brownstown, IL]; 2. 3H-Allan Harris[Chatham, IL]; 3. 10-Chris Wright[Vandalia, IL]; 4. 44-Adam Webb[Decatur, IL]; 5. 324-Shelby Beiler[Macon, IL]; 6. 9Z-Zac Miller[Lincoln, IL]; 7. J13-Justin Coffey[Stonington, IL]; 8. 187-Korey Bailey[Stonington, IL]; 9. 98-Ken Reed[Decatur, IL]; 10. 9Y-Eric Young[Clinton, IL]

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